Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I had a bad dream last night. I keep having these "bad" dreams or "nightmares" a lot since I have been in my third trimester. It's always a dream where I am in danger of being hurt to the point that I wouldn't survive, and in turn neither would my baby. I always wake up crying and wanting to wake Mo up to, but usually I just get over it and go back to sleep in the hopes that I don't dream anymore, or if I do that it's about the first glimpse of that sweet little baby boy face I'll be seeing soon.

My friend of 3 years Amiee called me today too in a state of panic. Both of us have bad panic attacks and have for years. I have a heart condition know as Mitral Valve Prolapse with Dysautonomia that gives me the attacks, and we think Ames (as I call her) may have it too. Ames gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Leith last year at the same time I should be giving birth to Shawn this year. Basically Ames just needed some company and moral support because when you have an attack it can be quite debilitating. When you have a child I imagine it's even scarier, but it does give you more of a reason to calm yourself if you can't self-medicate. Luckily Mo and I got there in time to save the day and as always Ames was incredibly grateful and made us turkey hotdogs (instead of making us eat flax flakes and blueberries with Leith ha ha).

So now I'm about to go relax in the bath and maybe get rid of these achy pregnant muscles of mine. Mo and I are due at Pablo's (a Mexican restuarant) at 6:00pm to eat with my Dad and my Step-Mom Karen...until next time!

Oh and the picture is of me and Ames pre-baby days lol

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  1. Pre-baby day pic is right and blondie-redheaded too. You don't look like that now. But don't panic, I think the pictures of you at the baby shower with your new haircut are so attractive.

    I would like some mexican food, but I'll let you go with your dad and I'll stay home. For that matter, my homemade gorditas taste better anyway.