Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Muffin Fingers...

These are some pictures of me before the pregnancy...and the Muffin Fingers lol. This is the, "Ode to the skinny days". As you can see I love to "goof off".

All I do these days (since two days ago) is eat! Ever since I hit 35 weeks I can't breathe well, I'm a bump-on-a-log, and I eat and eat and eat! This morning I woke up ravenously hungry and raided the fridge and pantry. I loaded up my bowl with the Lucky Charms off brand (Marshmellow Matties) and a ton of 2% milk and scarfed it down very quickly. Then about an hour or so later I was hungry again so I made some black bean and rice soup with some whole wheat honey bread. I again scarfed that down and thought it should at least hold me till 8pm...WRONG! About an hour after that I was hungry AGAIN so I decided to make some whole wheat banana nut bran muffins. There was enough batter for 10 muffins. When they were done I set aside 4 for me with some milk, and I put the rest in a container for dessert tonight (after our whole wheat ground turkey pasta) or for breakfast tomorrow before my doctors appointment. So I ate my 4 muffins and kicked back to check some mail and watch the weather since we have some storms coming through Alabama tonight. About half way into my e-mails, just as Jerry Tracey said, "These storms will last through rush hour traffic and well past DINNER time" my stomach growled! I went and grabbed the rest of the muffins and I am currently making the keys on the keyboard greasy and sticky from Muffin Fingers. I hope it's Shawn packing on the pounds and not me...Dr. Banks is going to kill me tomorrow if I've gained more than 4 pounds. Ugh.

Other than that my friend Ryan who is scheduled to have her little girl (Izzy) Isabella a week before I have Shawn...might be having Izzy tonight! She told me yesterday on Myspace that when she went to the Doc they found out she had all the signs of Pre-Eclampsia, but that her BP level wasn't too high (at the time). Apparently this morning it was a bit high so she went to the Doc. My husband Mo works with her husband, Mike, and according to Mo they were doing blood work and talking about enducing soon if needed. That's a very scary position to be in, but at least Izzy is far enough along right now to be perfectly fine (36 weeks). Please pray for the Pace family anyway...Thanks!

Well, I guess that's all for now. I decorated my page a little yesterday thanks to the support...Does it look better? Oh, and Mom, you are officially the "Bird Woman"!! Ha Ha!


  1. I love your butterfly Shay - very symbolic for a woman in your condition :-) Sounds like your body is getting ready for the baby. Exciting stuff. At least you're eating healthy. Hope all goes well with Ryan.

  2. Oh, I thought, I should at least be called, "The Cool Chick." Why did I get stuck being called the "Bird Woman?" What do you young peepers know about anything anyways! Don't you know I can crow with the best of them. Don't go ruffling my feathers, now! Lay off, cause name calling, even of the chicken variety, just sticks in my craw. Oh, and BTW, you're the one with the bird legs, not me. LOL You know I'm joking, you have beautiful legs, just like all the rest of you, except maybe those muffin fingers!!!