Friday, February 27, 2009

Here She Is!!

I wanted to do a quick post for everyone so you could see my friends Ryan and Mike's B-E-A-UTIFUL baby girl Miss Isabella Jane Pace that I have been talking about! Mike, Ryan, Mo and I have been joking about how she and Shawn will grow up together and fall in love...ha ha. That's a long shot, but it sure is funny to joke about, especially when Mike says, "If your Shawn breaks my Izzy's heart I'll have to break one of his legs!" I told Mike he wouldn't have to worry about that because I would get to Shawn first...believe me I know how to discipline(plus NO ONE is going to hurt my son or I'll hurt them)!

Isn't she adorable with those Chipmunk Cheeks?? :)


  1. She is a cutie.

    Shawn is not going to fall in love with anyone other than his Momma and Grandy!

    Mike CAN TRY to break one of Shawn's legs and Mike might get a broke head.

  2. Omg she is so cute I can't wait till yall have baby Shawn