Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy Bee's a Bloggin

Here are some pictures of Baby Leith asleep in my lap as Amiee prepared for their departure today (read on). He is a beautiful baby and he made me feel and look like a Mommy already! Please forgive the un-showered, "I just woke up" look.

Today was a busy day for Mo and I. First we had Amiee over at noon washing some clothes because her washer broke again (poor thing!) and they are in the process of moving too! She brought over Baby Leith and we played, washed clothes, and I made biscuits and was yummy! Then I had a doctors appointment at 2:45pm (Shawn is doing very well). Mo and I got to take a small tour of the facilities at Brookwood Medical Center so I could see where I will be giving birth. Normally you have to take a class to see that, but the nurses realized that I was only 4 weeks away (so class was not an option) and graciously showed us around. The staff there is amazing and I love my doctor (Dr. Banks). After the Hospital trip we went to Babies-R-Us to use our gift card. We did not receive a baby monitor at our baby shower so we used our gift card to purchase a nice set of montiors (Fisher Price Lights and Sounds Montior). After that we went to a discount shopping/grocery store called "ALDI" that I'm sure a few of you shop at occasionaly (best prices around). We had to get some french fries to cook with our turkey burgers I made for dinner. We had a few friends over...Liz, Nic, Steven, Amiee, and Matt. We ate and watched Kung Fu Panda which is quite hysterical. I also found out today that my friend Ryan should be giving birth to Isabella either this morning or afternoon. It turns out they had to go ahead and enduce her due to her blood pressure (Pre-Eclampsia) symptoms.

Right now, since it's 1:33am and everyone has finally left, we are winding down by checking e-mails and I'm sure we will play our favorite game on called Word's a lot of fun (Mom I think you should check it out it's your kind of game). Other than that tomorrow is another off day for Mo which is fabulous to me (I love spending time with the greatest guy in the world)!


  1. I was playing Word Whomp ages ago while you were out dating. Yes, it is my kind of game.

    Wow, those pictures of you holding baby Leith kinda shocked me. You do look like a mommy. He looks so precious asleep on your lap like that. Hope Shawn didn't try to kick him to the curb.

    I think I will forego the turkey burgers. I actually like my Bocca "Flame Grilled" soy burgers better. Lotsa protein, yum!

    Amy and Matt should have gotten my old washer and dryer from your apartment, maybe those would have been better than what they had. But that's hindsight now.

    Where are they moving? Closer to you?

  2. They are actually staying in the same complex just moving into a 3 bedroom. Amiee said herself she wished she had gotten our washer and dryer (but like you said) that's hindsight now. I had NO idea that Word Whomp had been around for that cracked me up when you said you had been playing it already (I wasn't too surprised)!

  3. So I decide I would check out your blog tonight and your right you do look like a mommy!You're going to be such a great mommy =).Did Ryan have her baby yet???

  4. She did! I was going to blog about it actually so stay tuned lol!!

  5. What a sweet baby! I found you through SITs!
    Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck on the delivery!