Monday, February 23, 2009

Officially Married!

These are some pictures of my niece and nephew (Mo's sister Shazia's twins) Iman and Walli (they were eating their favorite...Cheetos). They are older now, but Walli looks JUST like Mo did when he was a we think that Shawn may look a good bit like Walli (and Walli is fair skinned too)...aren't they adorable??!!

Oh and...We are officially married now!

Mo and I went to the courthouse today and got married at 10:30am. We will be getting the actual license on Wednesday. It doesn't feel any different though of course, but I am happy that I can change my name now so we can be Mr., Mrs., and little Syed. After we got married we went and had a yummy meal at Ruby Tuesdays!

Other than that awesome news I have had Braxton Hick's contractions for the first time today. Just to be completely and utterly honest I thought it was bad gas lol. I know that my labor contractions will be much worse, but I'm trying to mentally prepare myself as much as possible. Shawn is kicking MUCH harder now since there is more baby than amniotic fluid. I thought that at this point he wasn't supposed to be doing a lot of kicking but more "rolling"...seems like nothing can cramp his style lol.

The things I have left on my To-Do-Before-I-Go-Into-Labor list are:
1. Pack mine and Mo's hospital bag (I already packed Shawn's!)
2. Write out my Birth Plan (yeah...procrastination is my middle name)
3. Mail out my Baby Shower Thank-Yous (before Mom kills me)
4. Read Baby's First Year front to back
5. Have the nursery and the house deep cleaned
6. Relax (at some point)

Hopefully this list isn't too unrealistic...and hopefully I don't go into labor in the next few days or it WON'T happen for sure (at least not the reading or the cleaning).

Well, that's all for now folks!

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  1. Since I talked with you after you posted this blog, I already said all I wanted to say.

    Iman and Walli are very cute.

    I'm packing my bag real soon.