Friday, February 13, 2009

Luckily He Doesn't Read My Blogs!

The monkey on the left (yeah the stuffed one lol) is what I got Mo for Valentine's Day! I wish I could have gotten him something more, but I was spending HIS money to get it (since I'm not working) and it just made me feel bad. The same thing happened with Christmas and his B'day...ALWAYS HIS money (even though he tells me very seriously that it is OUR money). Eh, I feel like if I laid around all day and did all the fun things I wanted, including sleeping in, while he works his butt off keeping the Galleria's HIS money. Sure I don't JUST lay around...I wash the dishes, the clothes, I put Shawn's nursery together, I organized the closet (I'll get around to folding and putting the clothes away too), AND I almost always have dinner ready for him when he gets home. However, all that is split between days and I don't think it's worth the $12 an hour he makes by chasing and banning crimnals, patrolling, going on emergency medical calls, AND being in charge of 10 other employees every day for 8 or more hours! So, if I do get him a present I have to make sure it's something cute but cheap (heartfelt...and we LOVE monkeys) and did I say cheap yet lol?? PLUS how can I get him anything else when he spent most of his money on getting me an iPhone!!! He got me an iPhone for V-Day! He is crazy, but sweet...he said everyone had a nicer phone than me (except for Mom since she doesn't have a phone but SHOULD at least for emergencies)!!!

Well, getting off that tangent I have been having a lot of fun counting Shawn's kicks and awake time. I narrowed his schedule down to this (it's almost the same day to day):
3:45am (yeah I stay up late it's sad)
7:00am (although I only noticed this once since I am usually asleep)
and 11:30pm (and then his cycle begins again)!!
I think that it is amazing that he keeps a schedule too! This way I can rest assured that he is being active and I don't have to be worried! Like I have said before I have high levels of anxiety (which luckily have stabilized nicely thanks to pregnancy) that make me worry a lot so I have to know that Baby Shawn is ok for the sake of my sanity!

I'd love to continue blogging since I feel like I have so much to say, but I need to finish my Baby Shower Thank-You's before Mom kills me! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I like the monkey, the stuffed (inanimate) one. Nah, I like the other one too.

    Hope Shawn keeps to a schedule you can handle without losing too much sleep after he is born. Otherwise, you will be very very tired.

  2. I was like you in the first years of our marriage - feeling guilty about spending "his" money. He made sure I knew it was 'our' money and I soon got used to spending it :-)

    Don't panic if Shawn doesn't stick to his schedule as his due date approaches. Most babies slow down for awhile towards the end, like they're conserving their energy for the big push that's coming.

  3. I think the monkey is cute. I stay at home, and sometimes I feel that way. I still spend his money on him, because he deserves it and won't always do it for himself.

  4. Hey Girl...It is just too funny that you have the baby down to a schedule and that precious one has not even been born yet!!! Hope you keep taking care of the monkey :)

  5. Followed over from your mom's blog. I know you are excited about your baby! Love the picture of your oldest boy finished police academy in October, and is now on the police force of Taylor, Texas. He did call me one day and woke me up to ask me questions about blood alcohol levels one morning (I work nights) when he was doing the "detective" brain was so foggy I had to get up and look it up...I was like...what ... are they too cheap to let you use a computer and look it up on the internet????