Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Help me Customize Please!!

After joining SITS and going to visit everyone's pages to comment I realized something...my blog page is BORING! I know how to do HTML on Myspace and Facebook (I'm a pro)...but not here. I know how to start customizing and adding gadgets, but I don't know how to get the really fancy templates that everyone seems to have. Mom and I tried to figure it out, but it seems that I don't have the new templates, just the generic ones. If you can help me in any way please feel free (I'm good with computers, and with a little simple direction I could figure it out)!

Other than that there is not a whole lot of news here. My upper back has been hurting (muscle maybe)? Shawn is finally starting to move around real good for the day (so I don't have to be paranoid anymore). Mo has been working 2-10pm for the past 7 days (and one more day tomorrow) and I feel like I am going to pull my hair out! When I went to CVS today to pick up my heart medication I also picked up a $5 copy of Baby's First Year by Playskool and started reading it. I figure there is no harm in being overly informed (if that's even possible).

Well, that's all for now. If you can help me customize please comment. Other than that I am off to meet Dad and K for our weekly Tues. night mexican at Pablo's!


  1. There are some people on blogs that will customize your page for money, but since we both know you don't have any, you'll have to resort to wheedling people on how to instruct you to DIY for free.

    Have fun at Pablo's. I could go for some Mexican, but we are having steak.

  2. the html used here are actually the same with FB as far as I know. You can start by changing your background. I can recommend cutestblogintheblock.com. The backgrounds are free. Not sure what fancy gadgets you wanted, if you can elaborate, I can probably recommend some :)

  3. Hi! First of all, Congrats on the baby!

    I'm here from SITS...which I just joined recently.
    I know how you feel about looking at all the cool blogs out there. I know you can pay people to design a blog for you..that's always an option. For my personal blog I have chosen to us a template at http://www.simplyfabulousbloggertemplates.com/ and for my Party Business Blog...I'm still using the generic template and working on a header I downloaded from www.houseof3.com but having trouble with getting it to work properly. It's me...not the header. :)

    Just a quick warning to you though. When I was searching for a new blog template...my computer got a virus...so be careful.


  4. Ooooh, you learned how to glitz and glamour so fast, you will have to help me turn my blog inside out.

    I love you, Sweetie Pea.