Monday, February 16, 2009

35 Weeks and Counting

I went grocery shopping today at Wal-Mart (the store taking over the world). I guess since it's President's Day everyone decided to go shopping (it was just a normal grocery day for me). So of course since EVERYONE decided to go shopping at the same time everyone was rude and pushy and had no regard for anyone but themselves (not even a hugely pregnant woman like myself). I was there for about 45min I guess because I left my list at home (ugh pregnancy brain). It wasn't until the very end of my trek through WallyWorld (the overly populated check-out line) that I realized I was starting to feel dizzy and disoriented. Luckily I had the strenght to make it to the car, blast the cool air, and drink my delicious Tropicana Orangeade that I am addicted to (I'm sorry Mom I wish they had diet for you!!). When I got home I realized that I had "over-done" it and would now have to promise myself not to go grocery shopping again alone (I'm offically too pregnant now)!!

Other than that I am tremendously happy that today is Monday! Ha, I bet you never thought you'd hear that one. Well, you see, Moday night is House/Heroes night so I'm stoked! Last week all we got was Heroes (which was awesome) but I missed House (re-run)! House was the 1st TV show out of House, Heroes, and Lost, that I really got into. I was watching The Office and 30 Rock too...but I realized that without cable it's hard to follow ALL of your favorite shows (so you narrow it down to what your friends watch at their houses and what you can borrow on DVD from your Dad lol). Anyway WooHoo for the new episodes tonight (and Wed. on Lost)!

Last, but not least, I went and saw Dad and Karen's new house that they will be moving into Feb. 23rd. They went for their final walk-through yesterday and I joined them (well they were feeding me dinner afterwards and I had nothing else to do). The house is in a sub-division called Timberlake and YES there is a B-E-A-UTIFUL lake out there that some of the residents have the privelege of seeing out there back windows (but not Dad and Karen). It doesn't matter anyway because their house is ridiculously packed out with the finest of everything! The people that lived in this 3-year-old house before them spent thousands of extra dollars to put in EVERY amenity known to man-kind. It's a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house with a 3 car garage and a car port that fits 2 more cars. It has 2 porches (one open wrap around that you can access from 3 of the bedrooms and living room, and one sreened in porch that you can access from the kitchen). It also, amoung many many other wonderful things, has a surround sound system built into the walls and all gormet kitchen appliances. Like I said it's ridiculous! They got the house for 40,000 dollars LESS than the asking price, and the people that bought their house gave them EXACTLY their asking price so what a deal huh!!?? They already had an amazing house...but it just wasn't amazing enough (they had to go all "Greystone" on us ha ha).

Well, I guess that's all for now! Oh and I joined SITS today!!

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  1. You need to go to the SITS blog everyday and make a comment for roll call to be entered in their prize giveaways. Also, that's how people gain name recognition of your blog and start reading yours. Also, go comment on the featured bloggers and the saucy bloggers and they will hopefully comment you. That's the only way you will get your following.

    Sorry you didn't feel so well after your trek to WalMarket. Preggo women have to take it easy and not overdo. Yeah, I'm sorry too, that I cannot find the Diet Tropicana Orangeade, because the Minute Maid just doesn't cut it for me.

    I am so glad that since Momma died I have accepted a more peaceful and plainer outlook on life and that I don't feel the need to have spectacular material things. I would have thought I might have house-envy (as you recounted all the amenities of your dad's new house, but I really don't). I wouldn't want the stairs anyway. If I ever do move from down here, it will be into a house with no stairs. I would want a larger kitchen than I have now, with a big bedroom and a nice sized bathroom (enormous shower as I am somewhat claustrophobic).