Monday, March 16, 2009

Why is Everything so Complicated?

Tomorrow I will be going to my doctor's appointment to see if I am dilated /effaced and if Shawn has dropped/engaged. I have been walking and doing exercises ALL WEEK in preparation for this appointment just hoping that something has changed. Now I know that everyone has been telling me to hold my horses (as well I should be) however, we (Me, Mo, and Mom) have a few reasons as to why Shawn needs to come sooner rather than later, and why it might be nice to schedule it as an induction (which my Doc seems ok with).

I will start with the reasons why I need Baby Shawn to be scheduled to come now (next week). Physically it is that my anxiety is starting to creep back again. I'm sure this is in anticipation of my labor and delivery, but none the less it's coming back and affecting me and Shawn. I have been having "night terrors" as well. I have dreams so vivid and awful (worse than any scary movie) and that's also adding to my anxiety! Also I have PUPPS on my legs (that's a pregnancy rash) that is spreading and getting worse. Then there is the usual aches, pains, and discomforts of pregnancy that every woman has.

The reasons for Mo are work related. His Chief of Security just had to fire an officer due to scheduling conflicts and now Mo will be working a lot more. Since Mo will be working more it would be beneficial for him to be able to tell Chief when he will be off work because Shawn is being born. I know that might sound unreasonable for his Chief to want that kind of a heads up, but with everything that is going right now at his work I can understand it.

The reasons for Mom begin with the fact that she lives 2 hours away and if Shawn came at 2am that would be tough on her. She has to take medicine to sleep (like most of us do) and that could be dangerous as well. Also, Mom would be able to be there to hold my hand from start to finish without me having to wait on her if I was induced. Last, but not least, to touch on a touchy subject, the ONLY people that I am allowing in the labor and delivery room (besides the doctor and nurses) are Mom and Mo. Now Mo's Mom (I call her Umi) is going to be here within the next 5-6 days for Shawn's birth and to stay and help take care of me after Mom has to go home. She is a wonderful woman, but I just would not feel comfortable with her in the room during my labor. This is because I am a HUGE prude and I will have enough people as it is seeing me half naked that I don't need another! It's also because Mo, and especially Mom, will be more than enough to take of me properly during my labor.

Anyway, I know that if I am not dilated/effaced and if Shawn has not dropped/engaged it's going to be hard to talk induction. Now even though I will be proposing to wait until the 26th or 27th (which is a few days AFTER my due date) inductions can be more painful and have a higher rate of leading to C-Section. I'm going to have to think it through long and hard tomorrow if nothing has changed. If you have been through this kind of situation with a pregnancy, or a friend or family members pregnancy, please let me know (knowing other peoples' outcomes and hearing their advice is always beneficial)!! Thanks!


  1. Complication is your middle name. Shawn will be here when he gets here and we will deal with everything else as it comes.

  2. You have a wise mother Shay. Listen to her. Your concerns and anxieties are very well founded ones but try not to let them rule your life right now. Trust people, trust your doctor, and trust that your baby is just as eager to be out as you are to have him out. Don't worry about induction forcing a C-section. Although all of my babies were at least one week past their due date (one was 3-weeks late) they all came when they were ready. The last one was delivered by emergency C-section because the doctor broke my water to get things started and there was so much fluid that came out in such a rush that it flipped the baby so she was lying laterally across my abdomen - impossible for a 'natural' birth. What a pleasure that birth was - no pain, no pushing, no episiotomy, a very easy recovery. My husband and I were both able to calmly watch the birth without one of us in pain and laboring so hard. I wouldn't recommend that anyone ask for a C-section, but if one is necessary, it's not a bad experience. Relax girl. It'll happen as it should.