Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Should be Cleaning...

but instead I'm blogging.

Mo and I were going to clean yesterday except that he got called into work. That's ok though because he worked over-time hours and we need the money!

Speaking of money I checked out the SITS featured blogger today (Katie Ritchie) and one of her blogs that I read really touched me. She talked about how her and her husband were down on their luck with money, but God sent them 2 angels (in the form of oil millionaires lol) who were very generous on one of her flights and truly blessed them with extra money to make it through. I couldn't help but relate to this because it seems like Mo and I are down on our luck 24/7 with money...and on those months when it seems we should be up to our ears in debt we come out fine! Sometimes it's because we forgot that Mo worked over-time on his pay-check, or we got tax returns, or even his family wants to be generous because they came into a nice sum of money. Regardless, we almost always come out on top and I would definitely call that blessed and watched over so I know EXACTLY where Katie is coming from!

Anyway, Umi will be here Saturday, and then Mom will be here Tues. We really do need to clean, but gosh do I NOT feel like it! Procrastination is my middle name right now!! I guess I'll "slave" over dinner and when Mo gets home I'll give HIM the cleaning list and say, "Get crackin' Bud!" Ha ha ha...


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And in your "stat" you shouldn't do any really hard cleaning!!! And why not give that to your hubby, he should get used to it now since you'll be out of commition for a little while with your new arrival soon! Good luck

  2. Thanks for visiting my site!

    Wow - any day now! I'm sure you're ready for that due date, but I have to warn you - my first son was a week late. If Shawn's a little late - don't worry and DON'T do all of those weird things people suggest. I tried them all and at best they'll do nothing. At worst - you'll injure yourself.

    Good luck!

  3. Yeah, tell him to get crackin'! LOL See ya Tuesday!