Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday March 25th

Yep...that's when Shawn should be here. When I went to my doc app. yesterday we found out that I am still not dilated, effaced, and Shawn has not dropped.

At my last app. when Dr. Banks was checking my cervix I was in a great deal of pain. I didn't mention it and tried to get over it thinking it was just apart of the exam. Mo decided yesterday to mention it to Dr. Banks because Mo doesn't like to see me in ANY kind of pain, tears, or turmoil (he just can't handle it). It's a good thing he did mention it. Dr. Banks was upset with me for not saying anything and proceeded to tell me why. He said that when he was doing the exam he realized that my cervix was "angled" and VERY narrow. He said the exam was probably very painful to me because he had a hard time with checking me.

According to Dr. Banks my cervix is narrow and angled which would make a vaginal delivery more painful for me. He said if Shawn is 8 pounds or more (by checking next weeks ultrasound) he highly suggests I do a C-Section. He thinks that my pelvis and cervix just won't be able to handle it and that it will all lead to a C-Section anyway.

I have decided that if Shawn is over 7 pounds 8 ounces then I will go ahead with a C-Section, but if he weighs less then that I think I will try for a natural birth. I just don't want to think that I cheated myself out of a chance to NOT have major surgery.


  1. Saw your comment on SITS and thought I would stop by!


  2. Don't worry Chotee Bahen (little sister). Things will turn out exactly as they are meant to turn out. C-Section or vaginal delivery, it's all in God's hands. Just have faith that everything is going to be the way it is supposed to be and it will be okay. All your friends and loved ones (you have many) will be praying for you to get thru this with as minimum of discomfort as possible. And at the end of it will have YOUR Shawn in your arms looking for you (his Mommy) to comfort and love him. Love ya Chotee Bahen.