Monday, March 2, 2009

T.V. Boyfriends (just for fun)

So I was bored and didn't know what to blog about...and then I got an idea. Mo and I always watch House and Heroes on Monday night and Lost on Wednesday. Well there are some talented and attractive guys in these shows that I appreciate, and Mo ALWAYS teases me about them (and of course I plead the 5th)! Here are just a few of the guys that really boost the ratings of these shows lol :) Let me know if you agree!

First and foremost is Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes. He plays the character Peter Petrelli. He is probably one of the center most characters in the show even though there are 20 different characters or more! His character was a lot "cooler" though when he could "absorb" everyone's he can only "absorb" one at a time. However he is still always the one "Saving the Cheerleader" and "Saving the World" lol

Hugh Laurie plays Dr. Gregory House on the show House. He is a brilliant actor and says his biggest trouble everyday on the set is speaking with an "American" accent since he himself is British! He also plays a very WIDE variety of instruments on House and turns out it is really him playing!

Matt Fox plays Dr. Jack on Lost. In the last episode that Mo and I saw of Lost (last week) he did a FANTASTIC scene where he had to be extremely emotionally distressed. It was some of the BEST acting Mo and I had ever seen!

Josh Holloway is another favorite of mine from Lost. He plays a very swashbuckling character who makes up funny but terrible nick-names for everyone. He is a great actor and keeps the show very dramatic and entertaining.

John Krasinski plays Jim Halpert on The Office. I used to watch the show more frequently but I have gotten too far behind now to catch up. When I watched the show his character was very down to earth while also being a big prankster (considering the people he was working for) which reminds me of Mo and his stories from work lol. He is another brilliant actor who deserves recognition whether I have kept up with his show or not!

I will now leave you with three amazing actors who are NOT T.V. related, but none the less my favorites.

Christain Bale was a favorite of mine WAY before he ever played Batman...yes even though he was the killer in American Psycho I still have tremendous respect for him and his acting abilities (even if he does throw temper tantrums lol)!

I loved Gerald Butler in The Phantom of the Opera and 300. He really is a dynamic actor and he is Scottish for goodness sakes (just like me)! The last film I saw him in was P.S. I Love You...ladies if you haven't seen this movie you need to!

Last but most certainly NOT least is Hugh Jackman. He is my absolute favorite (Mo knows, I get teased and he gets jealous lol). Hugh Jackman is not only popular in the movie business, but most importantly (what I spent 4 years of my High School career doing) he is big in theater on Broadway. This makes him exceptional! One of the things that my High school drama teacher, Ms. Taylor, told us is that almost anyone can act in a film (this is because you can call line and re-shoot any scene you want to). On Broadway there is no calling line (you have to know all your lines, all the musical numbers, and your stage position for the whole show because there are no re-shoots)! He is a very devoted father to two mixed children that he and his wife adopted (they adopted mixed children because they heard mixed children rarely ever got adopted), and from what I heard, a very devoted and loving husband as well. What a great guy!

Well, I hope Mo never reads this! Ha ha ha he would be like, " got some 'splainin to do!"


  1. All those yummy men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good choices. My favorite TV eye candy is Josh Morrow (Nick Newman) from The Young and the Restless.

  3. I would forego watching TV forevermore, if I could just watch movies all day everyday with Christian Bale, Gerard Butler, and Hugh Jackman in them. Shannon, I agree, P.S. I Love You was a great chick flick. Please don't tell Eddie because he would ban movies with these three men in them from my house forever! I have others who I secretly admire, some just for their laugh, others for their smile, others have great chests and derrieres, while others are to be admired for their acting ability alone. Richard Dreyfuss comes to mind, as I could listen to him laugh forever. I also love Bruce Willis' laugh. I had a crush on John Ritter for years. I like to look at Brad Pitt in the movies "A River Runs Through It" and "Meet Joe Black" (as I like him young and clean cut). Paul Newman made me swoon and I used to watch Robert Redford when he was a young actor with an obsession. Mel Gibson is another of my favorites. Right now I don't have a current TV boyfriend crush, as we don't watch that much TV, but wow, Shannon, I agree with you, OH MY GAWD!, (and I am referring to the last three actors pictorially shown) they is gorgeous!

    To the other extreme, I don't like George Clooney, sorry ladies, he just doesn't do it for me. I don't know why, he just doesn't.

    Also, I truly don't like Jeff Goldblum, he makes me want to hurl, he is so sleazy. He gives me the ouright heebie-jeebie willies. I find him to be unattractive and I say he cannot act!!!!! Who agrees with me? Eddie finds it quite hilarious as he loves to watch Jurassic Park and I can't stand the Chaos Theory scene.

    Sorry, if I hogged your comment space with all my crazy garbledygook.