Thursday, May 7, 2009

6 Weeks Later...

Sorry it has been SO LONG since I have posted...but I have been busy!!

Shawn is just the most precious thing ever...even when he is screaming his head off at me at 4am for a bottle. He brings so much joy to Mo and I...we are so very blessed.

My experience with the C-Section was fantastic! I went through minimal pain and recovered VERY quickly! Honestly it was a struggle getting into the swing of things, and there were mixed emotions and craziness between family members, but we are doing wonderful now.

Shawn is very easy to take care, change diaper, eat some more, sleep, wake up, eat, etc. He does have a lot of gas pain but we counter that with Mylicon (thank you Mom). He is now 6 weeks and learning to smile and he even laughs this little deep gurdle thing that cracks me up too!

Currently we are listening to Vertical Horizon and I'm bouncing him in his bouncy seat while he battles the hiccups he hates so much (contrary to popular belief). He is my little Tater-Tot...he is so snuggly! Well, he is getting restless so I hope this little snack of a blog will do for now...until next time I can sneak on the computer!

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  1. Oh, how sweet! He is the cutest "tater-tot" ever! I know you are loving having him here. Take care!