Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Weekend Visits

I can only make it through the week now without pulling my hair out because of spending time with my best friend Amiee and her son Leith, and because I know Mom and Dad are coming to visit on the granted it's on much DIFFERENT days ha ha...but they both almost always make it.

Mom (Grandy) and Dad (G-Dad) can't get enough of "Sugar Booger"/"The Little Boy". I don't think I have ever seen them this happy and giddy about, well, anything EVER ha ha. It makes me SO proud that they want to see him so much and be here for Shawn every little moment! Mom always tells me that she loves me dearly but there is nothing like the feeling she gets when she is around her grandson. It doesn't bother me a single bit because I get it...I feel the same way about little Shawn and always will.

Dad has been here every weekend and Mom would be too if she could (and almost has been even though she lives so far away)!! Dad has multiple pictures of Shawn that he takes every weekend and then posts (in order of weekend) on fact it's one of the main reasons he got on he can picture swap like Mom does LOL!!

Off the subject, I know too that most of you will wonder why it is that I am posting at 3am! I am posting this late/early because we JUST got Shawn to bed for the exhausting!!


  1. Soon he will be sleeping through the night. I was bad...I would put the baby in bed with me...laying on my chest so I could feel him breath. It calmed both of us. The only down side was breaking him of that at two years old.

  2. I certainly can't get enough of Shawn and you and Mo Mo would be so tired of me being there all the time if I lived in the same city, so maybe it's better I am two hours away, NOT!!!

    I can't wait to see him this weekend, although it will only be a few hours because somebody made other plans, WHINE, WHINE!

    I bought a Queen sized air mattress for ya'll to sleep on when ya'll come down, since you took my extra bedroom suite with you when you moved.

    Where are more pictures and videos of my baby?!?!