Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shawn Danish Syed

...Was born March 25th, 2009 at 7:47am (via c-section). He was 9lbs 5ounces and 21inches long. He is the love of his Mommy and Daddy's heart and always will be.

It's nice to have the stress of labor and delivery over with and be able to breath a little easier these days (literally). Now there are a new set of worries and concerns that will last a lifetime, but are only normal.

I'm over-joyed and over-whelmed...but also happy that (knock on wood) post-partum doesn't seem so bad. I LOVE my Baby Shawn and we are SO happy that he is finally here!


  1. Shay, he is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I just love those little cheeks of his! Congratulations to you and Mo. You have one of the greatest gifts God can give to a couple. I know you will cherish each and every minute. Now, go give that sweet baby a kiss.

  2. Shay he is so beautiful!Congratulations to you and Mo.I love the picture you got of him in the blue and the family picture yall you need to make that your main picture on myspace.

  3. Sweet pictures. Shawn looks like a happy and contented baby - no stress marks or ridges on his face/head from a difficult delivery. C-sections aren't so bad now are they. Beautiful baby boy. Congratulations!

  4. I am so very proud of mommy and baby. You both passed the test with flying colors. Aces to you both.

    You are, as always, my beautiful sweetie pea and the little man, my "Harry Houdini," my sugar booger, my cookie, well he has stolen my heart clean away.

    He is the most well-mannered and best looking baby I have ever seen. Even you weren't this good.